Airbnb Japan provides their guests with compensation supports for booking cancellations of illegal listings

Airbnb Japan announced its new support service for guests staying in its listings in Japan, according to the Japan Tourism Agency (JTA)’s notification that a guest who does not complete registration of its property as a private accommodation even after enforcement of the private accommodation law on June 15 2018 must cancel a booking even through a booking is confirmed.

An Airbnb host must cancel bookings in the period from June 15 to 19 2018 unless he or she registers his or her property as a private accommodation to JTA as of June 7 2018. After June 15 2018, bookings for listings without registrations will be cancelled automatically 10 days before check-in, and in that case, Airbnb will guarantee full repayment and also offer a coupon for next stay in an Airbnb listing and a coupon (equivalent to $100) for a Trips experience program to a cancelled guest.

Airbnb has opened a 24-hours customer support for e-mail responses. When a cancelled guest cannot find an alternative listing on Airbnb, Airbnb will support him or her to find an alternative hotel on JTB ‘JAPANiCAN.’ 

In addition, Airbnb has launched a $10 million fund to support a guest, who is forced to change a travel plan with cancellation of an Airbnb booking. Additional expenses with a reasonable reason will be compensated if documents necessary for the compensation, such as a booking receipt, can be submitted. 

Airbnb had discussed with JTA for the cancellation issue, however the JTA’s basic direction has not changed. Airbnb is forced to make a decision for the compensation supports.

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