Comparison of visitors to Japan from South Korea, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong in October 2019

The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)’s statistics for October 2019 shows that Japan received 197,300 from South Korea (-65.5% year on year), 730,600 visitors from China (+2.1%), 413,700 from Taiwan (+9.0%) and 180,600 from Hong Kong (+6.6%). 

JNTO analyzed that the large reduction of visitors from South Korea resulted from hesitation of South Korean travelers under the current political situation, cancellation of flights influenced by the typhoons, an increase in travelers to China and economic recession in South Korea. The Chinese market might by affected by flight cancellations due to the typhoons and rise of product prices due to weaker Yuan against Yen.

The graph below shows monthly changes of visitors from the four markets in the last year:


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