Japanese domestic guest nights recovered well to a 20% reduction in October 2020, clearly boosted by ‘Go To Travel’ initiative

Japan Tourism Agency announced that the total number of guest nights was down 33.6% year on year to 33.2 million in October 2020 (preliminary report), which were divided into 33 million Japanese guest nights (-17.2%) and 280,000 international guest nights (-97.3%). 

The monthly result of Japanese guest nights improved by 19 points from a 36.2% reduction in September 2020, clearly boosted by the government’s domestic travel recovery initiative ‘Go To Travel’ beginning on July 22 2020.


The average occupancy rate was still low with 43.1%, but improved from 36.1% in September: 35.4% for ryokan (-4.1 points), 44.9% for resort hotel (-12.9 points),51.4% for budget hotel (-25.9 points) and 43.9% for city hotel (-36.7 points), as the graph below shows.

In November, guest nights and the occupancy rate are expected to decline again because the recovery initiative has been restricted amid re-expansion of the COVID-19 cases. 


By prefecture in September (secondary report), the lowest occupancy rate was still found in Tokyo with 25.2% (-54 points). The highest occupancy rate was seen in Yamaguchi with 62.4% (+9.2 points), only a prefecture with year on year growth. 

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