Japanet Takata, a Japanese TV mail-order company, enters the cruise travel market

Japanet Holdings, operating the Japan’s largest TV mail-order company Japanet Takata, acquired the first-class travel business license on July 7 2017 to enter the cruise travel market with a brand name of ‘Japanet Cruise.’

One of the Japanet Group with the third-class travel business license started a contracted business to sell cruise products in July 2016. As the business was more preferred and satisfied than expected, Japanet Holdings has decided to create and manage its original cruise products, which may contain cozy onboard events for passengers to know each other.

The first  ‘Rediscover of Japan’s beauties for 10 days’ product will be created as block charter of the MSC Spemdida (a capacity of 3,247 passengers) cruising Japan in the period from May 6 to 15. Japanet Takata started selling it on TV on July 14. 

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