Online dealing of travel on mobile accounts for about 40% of the total in Japan - Criteo survey

State of Mobile Commerce in Japan for the second quarter of 2015, released by Criteo, a digital advertising and marketing provider, finds that a share of online shopping on mobile terminals was 46.8%, slightly lower than 51.1% for the first quarter of 2015.

Online dealing of travel products on mobile terminals raised its share to 38.98% from 34.46% for the first quarter. Likewise, a share of sports products rose to 41.64% from 36.01% amid overall reduction of the mobile share.

The following table shows mobile shares on e-commerce by category:


The survey also shows the global trend that a share of online travel shopping on mobile browsers accounted for 58%, higher than a share of 42% on mobile apps. The conversion rate, however, was higher on mobile apps than on mobile browsers. By terminal, a share of PC browsers was 1.7 times higher than a share of mobile browsers on online travel shopping, and a share of mobile apps was 1.2 times higher than a share of PC browsers.

Criteo analyzes that user experience is better on apps than on browsers, and also apps are used by more converting customers. In the travel industry, mobile apps for last-minute booking are released a lot today.

The following tables show the ratios of mobile apps and mobile browsers in retail and travel in the world:


The following table shows comparison of conversion rates by terminal in retail and travel in the world:

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