Rakuten Travel and Jalan were two top travel-related websites in Japan in June 2016

The online trend survey on travel in the summer 2016, conducted by VALUES, an IT consulting company, finds that Rakuten Travel was the top travel-related website with 10 million visitors in June 2016 (-12.3%), followed by jalan.net with 9.1 million (-3.6%) and JAL with 6.13 million (+15.2%).

It was noteworthy that curation media Find Travel and RETRIP each had about 4 million visitors, becoming one of the top ten.

The table below shows top ten travel-related websites in terms of visitors in June 2016:


The biggest year-on-year growth was found in RETRIP with about five times more visitors, followed by TravelBook with about 3.5 times more visitors and Skyscanner with about 3 times more visitors. Despite 200,000’s visitors a month, seoulnavi and konest, media for travel in Korea, remarkably increased visitors.

The table below shows top ten travel-related websites in terms of growth rate in June 2016:


The top website for Japanese travelers in Japan was jalan.net, followed by Rakuten Travel and tabelog, a word-of-mouth gourmet site. TripAdvisor was ranked 5th, jumping from 15th a year ago, and transportation search sites, such as Yahoo! railway information (6th), Yahoo! map (11th) or Navitime (19th), were more used than before.

The top website for Japanese overseas travelers was H.I.S., followed by TripAdvisor and Expedia. Interestingly, Booking.com, Hotels.com and Jetstar Japan became one of the top 30 from outside of the top 30 a year ago.

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