The most Japanese travelers tend to book their travels one month before departures in long holiday periods

The Japan Travel Seasonality Report 2017, released by Criteo, the ads and marketing company, finds that early booking travelers are more in long holiday periods than in regular periods, showing that the ratios of bookings one month before departures reached 45% in the Golden Week period (from late April to early May) and in a summer vacation period and 55% in the Christmas and New Year holiday period. 

In regular periods, the ratios were 36% for 0 to 9 days before, 27% for 10 to 30 days before and 37% for one month before.

The report also says that the busiest month in terms of bookings and visiting rate on travel sites was July. The table below shows year-round bookings and visiting rates on travel sites:


The table below shows when a traveler starts planning a travel for regular period, the Golden Week and summer vacation period and Christmas and New Year period:


Desktop PC was still the most frequently-used device for bookings on travel sites, however the ratio declined from 65% in January 2016 to 56% in December 2016, and instead bookings on mobile devices increased. According to data provided by a particular hotel booking site, about 60% used multiple devices including PC, smart phone or tablet for bookings. 

The table below shows frequency of visiting travel sites in a week before booking:


In the meantime, users who visited travel sites three times or more a week accounted for 50% of all users who finally resulted in conversions. Interestingly, supposing that the conversion rate of a user visiting one travel site is 1, the conversion rate of a user visiting six or more travel site is 4.7. The result shows that users visiting multiple sites tend to book travels with high probability.

The table below shows correlation between visiting sites and conversion rate:


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