The most popular EC app is Amazon in Japan, followed by Rakuten and mercari

The latest Nelsen Digital survey finds that EC users in Japan in March 2017 were 28.15 million females and 26.4 million males on smart phones and 8.78 million females and 13.8 million males on PCs. 

The survey also shows that females used smart phones for longer times than males, while males PCs for longer times than females.

The table below shows EC trends by device in March 2017:


Regardless of devices, top 3 EC marketplaces were Rakuten, Amazon and Yahoo! Shopping for both females and males. The most popular EC smart phone app was Amazon, followed by Rakuten and mercari (flea market app). Interestingly, female users of mercari were 7.35 million, doubling 3.97 million males. 

The table below shows top 3 EC apps’ users:


In Japanese

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