Users of foreign-based OTAs are rapidly growing in Japan, like doubling of trivago users

The summer travel trend survey 2017, conducted by VALUES, an internet behavior analysis provider, finds that Rakuten Travel was the Japan’s most popular travel and transport-related site with 8.82 million unique users (-5.2%) in June 2017, followed by with 8.59 million (+7.2%) and ANA with 4.73 million (+0.7%), JAL with 4.68 million (-13.4%) and TripAdvisor with 4.65 million (+26.2%). Unique users of remarkably increased by 50.9% year on year to 2.76 million. 

The table below shows top 10 travel industry sites in terms of unique users in June 2017:


The biggest growth was found on icotto (+721.3%), which is a tourism and gourmet site operated by Users of travel meta-search trivago were also remarkably up 105.6% to 1.62 million partially because of its active TV CM. 

The table below shows the top 10 growth sites:


For travelers in Japan, the most popular site was, followed by Rakuten Travel and tablog. For overseas travelers, ANA was No.1 site, followed by H.I.S. and JAL.

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