49% of lodging providers in Japan say that purchase costs rose in 2021, and 60% cannot pass on the costs to sales prices

Japan Finance Corporation (JFC) survey on price trends, which was conducted between late August and early September 2021, finds that 49.5% of lodging providers answered that purchase costs rose, and 48.9% said that those were unchanged.

91.2% said that rise in purchase costs have affected their managements, and 69.2% said that they could not pass on the costs to sales prices. For 2022, 67.9% said that purchase costs will continue rising. 

17.4% said that they reduced sales prices in 2021 compared to a year ago, while the same percentage increased sales prices. 

For 2022, 17.4% said that they intend to increase sales prices, while 7.6% said they will reduce sales prices. 

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