A major Japanese data company opens a capsule hotel specializing in sleep analysis as ‘sleep tech’

NTT Data, a major Japanese data company, will open a capsule hotel specializing in sleep analysis on the first floor of commercial complex ‘A,RE,A Shinagawa’ in July 2024. The project is developed together by hotel operator Nine Hours and smart watch provider Fitbit.

The hotel will be linked to ‘9th sleep fitscan,’ a sleep analysis service of Nine Hours, acquiring, accumulating and analyzing sleep data using infrared cameras, sound-collecting microphones, and body movement sensors. In addition to brainwave sensor technology, NTT Data will test a NTT Laboratory’s developing sensor, which visualize internal body rhythms by estimating core body temperature.

A user is expected to grasp the sleep environment suitable for health condition and internal rhythm. Also, NTT Data plans a service to collect everyday’s sleep data outside of the hotel through Google smart device ‘Fitbit.’ 

NTT Data is trying to promote ‘sleep tech’ and build an environment where people can check their wellness in daily life. By expanding to medical data, they aim to provide a consistent experience from pre-symptomatic to treatment, including online medical treatment. 

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