A new hostel booking system with a weekday subscription pass of 15,000 JPY a month is launched in Japan

Little Japan, a hostel management and local revitalization consultation company, has launched the ‘Hostel Pass’ system, which allows a user to stay in registered hostels in nationwide Japan with a monthly-fixed subscription. Prices of the pass are 15,000 JPY a night on weekdays and 25,000 JPY a night on Friday. The registered hostels will be listed on its website by the end of November this year, and advanced bookings are received on its crowdfunding.

The passes are only effective for dormitory-typed rooms for two days only. Each of the registered hostels will provide its original services, such as additional charge for a private room, reception and storage mails, charged annual baggage storage or bicycle parking. 

Little Japan will organize explanation meeting for the new system in Tokyo, Chiba, Sapporo, Kyoto and Osaka. The registered hostels will increase even after the advanced booking starts, according to Little Japan.

Little Japan has explained that a main reason to launch the service is to support free travelers hopping several lodging bases and to stabilize hostel management. Also, it has asserted that the new system will possibly be one of the social solutions for vacant houses and be an opportunity to revitalize local economy through promotion of lifestyle hopping lodging bases.

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