A share of contact time with smart phone expands to over 20% in Japan - media fixed point survey

Media fixed point survey 2015, conducted by Hakuhodo Institute of Media Environment, finds that contact time with media was 383.7 minutes per day in Japan, which included 80.3 minutes for mobile phone or smart phone and 68.1 minutes for PC. Contact time with mobile phone or smart phone has been longer than PC since 2011.

In terms of composition ratio of contact time by media, TV still had the biggest share TV (39.9%), but shares of radio (7.5%), newspaper (5.2%), magazine (3.4%) and PC (17.7%) were lower than a year earlier. On the contrary, shares of tablet (5.4%) and mobile phone or smart phone (20.9%) were considerably higher than a year earlier. Contact time with tablet, mobile phone and smart phone in total accounted for one fourth of the total.

By age, older ages generally had higher contact rates in TV, radio and newspaper. In reverse, the contact rate in mobile phone and smart phone was higher in 10’s (15 to 19 years old) and 20’s, as the survey shows that the contact times were 135.7 minutes a day by 10’s male, 128.8 minutes a day by 20’s male, 161.9 minutes a day by 10’s female and 187.5 minutes a day by 20’s female.

The survey also finds that the use rate of smart phone surpassed that of tablet in all purposes except watching movie as follows:

Watching movie - 64.5% on smart phone, 65,1% in tablet

Search - 91.9% on smart phone, 87.6% on tablet

Shopping - 42.8% on smart phone, 38% on tablet

Portal site - 36.9% on smart phone, 26% on tablet

Game - 54.7% on smart phone, 37.9% on tablet

Seeing news - 74.1% on smart phone, 56% on tablet

Music - 50.5% on smart phone, 25.7% on tablet

SNS - 71.2% on smart phone, 32.8% on tablet

e-mail - 92.6% on smart phone, 40% on tablet

Camera - 89.9% on smart phone, 33.5% on tablet

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