ANA Holdings considerably improved annual deficits for FY2021, expecting to make a profit for FY2022

ANA Holdings ended FY2021 ending March 31 2022 with much better business results than a year ago, as it performed more thorough cost management to reduce fixed costs. Expecting that travel demand is picking up, ANA Holdings has forecasted to make a profit for FY2022 ending March 31 2023.

Sales increased by 40% year on year to 1 trillion JPY, primarily boosted by record-high sales in the international cargo business, though the airline had struggled with the COVID-19 influences through the year.  

ANA Holdings improved operating loss from 464.7 billion JPY to 173.1 billion JPY, recurring loss from 451.3 billion JPY to 174.9 billion JPY and net loss from 404.6 billion JPY to 143.6 billion JPY. 

Sales in the aviation business increased from 604 billion JPY to 885 billion JPY. Passenger revenue from the international passenger flight business was up 56.8% year on year to 70.1 billion JPY with 825,000 passengers (up 93.2%), though the business scale was around 10% of that in pre-COVID-19. 

Passenger revenue from the domestic passenger flight business was up 37.8% to 279.8 billion JPY with 18 million passengers (up 41.9%). ANA suffered from lower demands in the first half due to repeated declaration of a state of emergency, but achieved the best-quartely performance in the Q3 amid the pandemic. 

Peach Aviation, an ANA Group LCC, increased passenger revenue by 71.3% to 37.8 billion JPY, carrying 4.3 million passengers (up 104.8%).

Revenue from the international cargo business was up 104.8% to record-high 328.7 billion JPY due to economic recovery worldwide. 

Sales in the travel business, which has been transferred to ANA X, a new company for the digital platform business, since April 2021, increased by 2.7% to 46.2 billion JPY, and operating loss improved from 5 billion JPY to 2.1 billion JPY. 

For FY2022 ending March 31 2023, ANA Holdings has forecasted sales of 1.66 trillion JPY, operating profit of 50 billion JPY, recurring profit of 30 billion JPY and net income of 21 billion JPY, expecting that travel demand is picking up. 

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