ANA restarts serving A380 flights for Hawaii in July, expecting the demand will soar in this summer

ANA will increase Haneda-Honolulu services to four flights a week on May 28 and to five flights a week on July 1 and restart serving two Narita-Honolulu flights with A380 nicknamed as FLYING HONU on July 1. 

The Narita flight schedules are as follows:

NH184 from Narita at 20:10 to Honolulu at 8:45

NH183 from Honolulu at 11;35 to Narita at 14:50 next day

NH186  from Haneda at 21:55 to Honolulu at 10:30

NH185 from Honolulu at 14:10 to Haneda at 17:25 next day

In addition, ANA will restart serving three direct Haneda-London flights a week on the north route on June 1.

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