Banyan Tree opened casual ‘Folio’ brand hotel in Osaka and long-stay ‘Homm’ brand in Okinawa

‘Folio Sakura Shinsaibashi Osaka,’ the first ‘Folio’ brand of Banyan Tree Group in Japan, opened partially on June 27 2023. With the completion of ‘Folio Cafe,’ it will fully open in August this year. 

Folio is a new brand to offer functional and compact rooms at affordable prices with a concept of ‘Big experiences in a small space.’ Folio in Osaka offers 48 rooms in total and seasonal breakfast in the cafe, which will open as a shared space during daytime. 

On the same day, ‘Homm Stay Yumiha Okinawa,’ the first long-stay brand ‘Homm’ in Japan, opened after renovating the existing hotel. As a long-stay hotel, it has three-different typed 18 villas. 

Banyan Tree Group is expanding its business in Japan. ‘Dhawa Yura Kyoto’ and ‘Garrya Nijyo Castle Kyoto’ opened in June 2022, and ‘Banyan Tree Higashiyama Kyoto’ is scheduled to open in 2024. 

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