Domestic travel consumption of Japanese travelers halved to 1.6 trillion JPY in Q1 of 2021

Japan Tourism Agency announced that domestic travel consumption by Japanese travelers was down 50.1% year on year to 1.6 trillion JPY in the first quarter of 2020 under the second declaration of a state of emergency related to COVID-19. The quarterly total comprised 1.3 trillion JPY for overnight trips (-50.8%) and 359 billion JPY for single-day trips (-47.3%).


The total number of Japanese domestic travelers was also down 46.1% to 50 million in Q1 , which were broken down into 26 million overnight travelers (-50.2%) and 24 million single-day travelers (-40.9%). 

Travel expenditure a traveler a trip was down 7.3% to 32,957 JPY: 49,381JPY for overnight trip (-1.3%) and 15,042 JPY for single-day trip (-10.8%). 

Domestic travel consumption under the first declaration of a state of emergency in Q2 of 2020 was down 80% year on year to about 1 trillion JPY. 

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