Google search trend for travel in Japan: increase in searches for "things to do" while traveling

Google recently announced the results of a survey on smartphone-based travel booking experiences and summer holidays in Japan based on Google search trends. According to this survey, the usage rate of smartphones for Google search increased by 20% over a year. 

An interesting trend is the generalization of searches for tourist spots, restaurants or local tours while traveling rather than before traveling. For example, the ratio of searches for "things to do in (place)" in Japan increased by 55% over a year. Also, more Japanese traveling in Hawaii search recommendations for Hawaii in Japanese language.

The graph below shows a year-by-year increase in travel-related keywords searched using mobile devices: 


Searches for SNS-genic destinations have rapidly increased, particularly in the USA and Japan. The graph below shows such searches in Japan:


In the meantime, the keywords most associated to summer holidays during a search in 2017 were "in Japan, travel". Travel-related keywords such as "travel, recommendation" or "family, travel" were frequently used for searches. Noteworthy: "Russia, travel" was ranked among the top 20 as shown in the table below: 


In Japanese

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