JAL achieved considerable increases in both revenue and profit for FY2023, carrying 1.5 times more international flight passengers

JAL Group carried 1.5 times more international flight passengers, 1.2 times more domestic flight passengers and 2.3 times more passengers with LCC ZIPAIR through FY2023 ended March 31 2024 after the pandemic than FY2022.

As a result, JAL increased revenue by 20.1% year on year to 1652 billion yen, 19.2% more than even FY2019, while it increased operating expenses by 15% to 1542 billion yen mainly because of  the depreciation of the yen, global inflation and investments in human capital.

JAL finally posted EBIT of 145.2 billion yen, 124.9% more than a year ago or 63.5% more than FY2019, and net profit of 95.5 billion yen, 177.5% more than a year ago or 98.8% more than FY2019. 

International passenger revenue was up 49.1% year on year to 622.3 billion yen (up 17.2% over FY2019), and domestic passenger revenue 22.1% to 550.8 billion yen (down 0.6% over FY2019). 

ZIPAIR increased revenue by 140.9% year on year to 54 billion yen due to an increase in flight destinations, and SPRING JAPAN flying to China by 61.1% to 13.2 billion yen.

For FY2023, the year-end dividend is increased to 45 yen per share and the annual dividend to 75 yen per share, as earnings results exceeded the consolidated financial results forecast for the full year announced on March 21, 2024.

For FY 2024 ended March 31 2025, JAL has remained the previously announced forecasts, expecting that the supply-demand balance for international passengers will continue being tight: revenue of 1930 billion yen, EBIT of 170 billion yen and net profit of 100 billion yen. 

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