Use of Wi-Fi in a hotel is the most satisfactory in Japanese business trips, but less than half in Shinkansen

The Nikkei BP Consulting survey finds that businesspersons who use digital devices, such as mobile phone, tablet or PC, outside of their offices account for 96.2% of the total, out of which 85.4% use public Wi-Fi services. 

The most satisfactory place for use of a Wi-Fi service is hotel (a score of 67.1), followed by airport (59.6), on airplane (57.8) and culture facilities, such as library or museum (54.5). The satisfactory score of Shinkansen is 46.8%, lower than the dissatisfactory score. 


An airline believed to provide the most advanced Wi-Fi services is JAL (31.3%), followed by ANA (21%), and the top satisfactory score is also found in JAL (58.5), followed by ANA (50.1). About two-third of the total answer that the JAL Wi-Fi service is satisfied, but scores of satisfaction and dissatisfaction are almost the same in the ANA Wi-Fi service. 


The survey was conducted to Nikkei ID members, out of which 78.2% are male, in the period between June 16 and 24 2018. 

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