JTB forecasts 40 million Japanese domestic travelers for this summer vacation period, 45% fewer travelers than two years ago

JTB has forecasted that Japanese domestic travelers for this summer vacation period (July 20 to August 31 2021) will be about 40 million under declaration of a state of emergency in Tokyo and Okinawa,  5.3% more travelers than a year ago but 44.8% fewer travelers than two years ago.

The average spending a traveler is estimated at 33,000 JPY (-9.6% compared to 2019), and total travel consumption at 1,320 billion JPY (-50% compared to 2019). 


The JTB survey finds that the ratio of ‘traveling’ or ‘maybe traveling’ this summer is just 19.3%, almost half in a usual year. About 80% say ‘not traveling’ or 'maybe not traveling’  Major reasons for ‘not traveling’ are ‘anxiety about traveling due to the pandemic (45.1%),’ ‘because of an increase in COVID-19 cases (37.1%)’ and ‘worrying about the fifth wave of infection (31.1%).’ 


Among ‘‘traveling’ or ‘maybe traveling’  respondents, the ratio of one night travel is the most with 41.9%, followed by two nights (29.6%) and three nights (15.3%). One to three nights account for 86.8% of the total, 2.5 higher points than 2019. 

Regarding travel companions, the most answers were found in ‘married couple (25.6%),’ followed by ‘family with junior high schools or younger children (22.4%).’ The ratio of ‘traveling alone’  is 20.3%, 6.9 higher points than 2019. 

Major purpose to travel are ‘homecoming (21.5%),’ ‘relaxing in onsen (17.4%)’ and ‘enjoying nature (10.7%).’

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