KNT-CT considerably improved sales for the first nine months of FY2021 due to an increase in non-travel businesses

KNT-CT Holdings increased sales for the first nine months of FY2021 (April to December 2021) by 71.4% year on year to 104.9 billion JPY because it succeeded in increasing sales of non-travel businesses, such as PCR tests or vaccination-related businesses and Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics-related businesses, although the travel demand recovery was limited after declaration of a state of emergency was lifted after October 2021.

KNT-CT accelerated its business structure reform by closing or downsizing 91 retailers and three group headquarters to cut operating expenses.

As a result, KNT-CT considerably improved operating loss from 26.2 billion JPY a year ago to 7.8 billion JPY, ordinary loss from 17.5 billion JPY a year ago to 4.5 billion JPY and net loss from 21.6 billion JPY  a year ago to 5.8 billion JPY. 

For the full year of FY2021 ended March 31 2022, it has not change its forecast despite unclear influences on its business by spread of Omicron variant: sales of 150 billion JPY, operating loss of 14 billion JPY, ordinary loss of 11.5 billion JPY and net loss of 13 billion JPY. 

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