Kobe Tourism Bureau launches smart phone-based city pass ticket to support the local tourism industry

Kobe Tourism Bureau has begun selling smart phone-based ‘KOBE Tourism Smart Passport,’ the city tour pass to support the local tourism industry that has deadly damaged by COVID-19. 

A user buys tourist attraction tickets in Kobe City on a smart phone, and also tickets are displayed on a smart phone for a user not to pay cash and to avoid contacts with others. 

1 DAY PASSPORT (2,000 JPY) and 2 DAY PASSPORT (2,700 JPY) are available, joined by 60 tourist attractions in Kobe City. Only for Kobe citizens, 1 DAY PASSPORT is sold at half of the regular price.

Kobe Tourism Bureau expects that the passport encourages travelers to stay longer in Kobe and to spend more money. 

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