Kyoto City delivers ‘Stay Home, Feel Kyoto’ movie contents to the world, giving chances to enjoy Kyoto at home

Kyoto City Tourism Association has launched ‘Stay Home, Feel Kyoto,’ which provides people staying home in the world with a variety of movie contents touching attractions in Kyoto. ‘Stay Home, Feel Kyoto’ is delivered on Kyoto Navi for Japanese travelers and Kyoto City Official Travel Guide for foreign travelers. 

As one of the first contents, Zen meditation lesson is delivered. Also, 12 sorts of backgrounds for video communication systems and messages from local ryokans and temples are provided. In the near future, ‘Study Kyoto’ program will be offered to give viewers opportunities to study Kyoto’s history and culture. 

Stay Home, Feel Kyoto(日本語)

Stay Home, Feel Kyoto(英語)

京都の各業界の方々から世界の京都ファンに向けたメッセージ(Youtube「STAY HOME, FEEL KYOTO by DMO KYOTO」チャンネル)

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