Narita Airport recovered international flight passengers to 70% of the pre-pandemic level in 2023 due to surge in inbound travelers

Narita International Airport announced that the number of passengers in 2023 was up 12% year on year to 32.7 million, which were down 26% compared to 2019. Out of the total, international flight passengers were up 77% year on year or down 32% over 2019 to 25 million.

Inbound travelers out of the total international flight passengers were up 270% year on year to 16 million (down 12% over 2019), which were the 3rd most ever. Japanese travelers were up 53% year on year to 6 million, but still down 59% compared to 2019. 

Domestic flight passengers were up 20% year on year to record-high 7.65 million.

The number of take-offs and landings of international passenger flights was up 79% year on year or down 31% over 2019 to 124,964. 


In December 2023 only, passengers totaled 3.08 million, 43% more than a year ago or 17% fewer than December 2019. International flight passengers increased by 6% to record-high 1.65 million for December. 

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