Narita Airport tests the face recognition boarding process on a passenger’s smartphone in linkage with ANA and JAL apps

ANA, JAL, NEC tested the face recognition boarding process ‘Face Express’ on a passenger’s smartphone at Narita Airport. Face Express allows passengers to register their personal data only on the terminals at the airport today, but the mobile app enables them to do registration on their own smartphone anywhere before departures. 

Narita Airport installed NEC-developed Face Express terminals in 2021. By registering passport and flight information and face picture on the terminal, you can complete subsequent boarding procedures (baggage drop, security checkpoint entry, boarding gate) without having to present your boarding pass or passport.

The Face Express app is linked to ANA and JAL apps, through which you can complete online check-in and personal data registration for Face Express seamlessly. The registered data is managed by passengers themselves, and is usable repeatedly. 

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