Private lodgings in Japan doubled both guests and business days in August and September 2018

Japan Tourism Agency revealed that the number of private lodgings registered under the Private Lodging Business Act reached 8,305 in August and September 2018, 2,795 more registrations than the first two months after the Act was enforced on June 15 2018. Out of the total, 7,148 private lodgings reported their business results, which accounted for 86.1%, lower than 92.1% previously.

 Business days of private lodgings are up 113.8% to 146,894 days in total nationwide, and the average business days a private lodging was 20.6 days, 7.1 more days than previously. The number of guests was up 104.2% to 169,958 in total.

 By prefecture, the most guests were found in Tokyo with 58,425 guests, followed by Hokkaido with 35,402 guests and Osaka with 9,050 guests. In terms of guests a registered private lodging, Tochigi was the top with 44.5 guests, followed by Ishikawa with 44.3 guests and Gunma with 43.4 guests.

 Japanese guests were 48,956 Japanese guests, which accounted for 28.8% of the total, higher share than 16.6% previously. Foreigner guests were 121,002, which accounted for 71.2%.


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