Safe payment is the most important point for OTA to satisfy their customers

NTTCom Online Marketing Solutions conducted a benchmark survey on NPS, an index for customer satisfaction, for travel companies. The survey results illustrates that the biggest gap between importance and satisfaction is found in ‘cost performance.’ By royalty segment, satisfaction with cost performance is particularly low among ‘critics,’ which is a trigger to reduce the recommendation index. 

As fare as OTA is concerned, the second most important point is found in ‘safe payment,’ following ‘cost performance.’ Safe payment is the second-highest satisfaction, however the survey shows that expectation for safe payment is higher than the satisfaction.

Meanwhile, the most important point for real travel company is ‘high quality (including customer services),’ and ‘reliability’ and ‘high quality’ stand out even in the NPS index. 

In terms of recommendation index by royalty segment, high satisfactions are found in ‘appropriate recommendation’ for OTA and ‘follow-up after traveling’ for real travel company. The survey says that personalized service to a user is a trigger to boost recommendation index. 

In terms of the average spending a year, a recommender spent 2.4 times more money for OTA and 2.6 times more money for real travel company than a critic.

The survey targets yahoo!Travel,, and Rakuten Travel as OTA (1,919 valid answers) and ANA Sales, HIS, JTB, KNT, JALPAK, NTA and Hankyu as real travel company (3,362 valid answers).

The top NPS companies are Rakuten Travel among the above OTAs (-11.7) and JALPAK among the above real travel companies (-2.5).


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