Seventy percent of foreigners living in Japan say that Japan is hotter than their home countries in the summer

The survey on summer weariness in Japan, conducted by Kao Corporation, a Japan’s leading human heath care manufacturer, finds that 71.3% of foreigners living in Japan answered that Japan was hotter than their home countries in the summer. 46.7% said that the summer in Japan (when they are outside) was ‘unbearably hot.’

About 80% has suffered from summer weariness before, and out of them 17.3% answered ‘frequently.’ Major symptoms are ‘feeling tired (56.6%),’ ‘not sleeping well (50.4%),’ ‘headache (48.7%)’ and ‘having no appetite (29.2%).’


Major reasons for feeling hot are ‘high humidity (85.7%),’ ‘high temperature (64.6%),’ ‘strong sunlight (59.2%),’ ‘hot asphalt road (42.9%)’ or ‘highly populated (42.9%).’


Top 3 effective therapies are ‘drinking water,’ ‘sleeping’ and ‘balanced dietary’ for Japanese people and ‘‘drinking water,’ ‘taking shower’ and ‘taking bath’ for foreigners.

The survey targeted 600 Japanese persons in Tokyo, Aichi and Osaka and 150 foreigners living in Tokyo. 

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