Japanese independent airliner Skymark will fly into Narita with its first international Saipan services and domestic Chubu services

Skymark will launch its first international services between Narita International Airport and Saipan and also domestic services between Narita International Airport and Central Japan International Airport or Chubu Airport on November 29 2019, as Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism approved its flights into Narita on October 24 2019.

The announced flight schedules are as follows:

SKY811 from Narita at 10:15 to Saipan at 15:00 daily

SKY816 from Saipan at 16:35 to Narita at 19:30 daily (from Saipan at 17:05 to Narita at 20;00 on Saturday)

SKY867 from Narita 21:25 to Chubu at 22:40 on Friday and Sunday

SKY860 from Chubu at 6:40 to Narita at 8:00 on Monday and Saturday

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