Smart phone users are more than PC users even among 50s and 60s in Japan - Nielsen survey for Q2 of 2019

The latest Nielsen Digital’s ‘Digital Trend ‘ report for the first half of 2019 illustrates that internet users on smart phone in Japan were up 5% year on year to 70.78 million a month in the Q2 of 2019 (April to June 2019). Amid slow growth rates overall, the ratios of 50s and 60s users largely rose compared to the survey in 2015 as the graph below shows:


The ratio of users of major EC services only on smart phones rose by 13 to 15%, and the users reached 34.76 million on Amazon (about 70% of the total) and 36.05 million on Rakuten (about 80% of the total). The growth rate of PC users was just 3 to 4%. 


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