Tokyo draws up a FY2017 tourism action plan with a goal of 18 million regular international visitors

Tokyo Metropolitan Government has drawn up a tourism action plan for FY2017 started April 1 2017 with the following five goals:

To increase international visitors to 25 million by 2020 and 30 million by 2024

To increase regular international visitors to 15 million by 2020 and to 18 million by 2024

To raise local spending by international visitors to 2.7 trillion JPY by 2020

To increase Japanese travelers to 600 million by 2020 To raise local spending by Japanese travelers to 6 trillion JPY by 2020

To accomplish the goals mentioned above, Tokyo hammers out six particular strategies:

1) Tourism management for expansion of spending, focusing on leading tourism business, human resources, management infrastructures and branding of ryokan

2) Development of higher quality tourism resources, focusing on creation of tourism resources, natures and agriculture and fishing industries in Tama area and Islands, contents like manga or animation

3) New development of tourism promotion, focusing on tailor-made PR for each market, such as luxury traveler or young traveler

4) Attraction of MICE, focusing on attraction of international conferences, meetings or incentives, usage of unique venues like museums or gardens

5) Improvement of receipt environment for international visitors, focusing on accessible tourism for all kinds of travelers, digital signage, tourist app, multi-language call center or receipt of cruise ships

6) Tourism promotion in partnership with other areas of Japan, focusing on function as a gateway to local regions of Japan

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