The prefecture with the most tourism promotion budget in 2015 is Tokyo, followed by Okinawa

Japan Tourism Agency (JTA) announced that tourism promotion budget of 47 prefectures totals 42,917 million JPY in total in 2015. The top prefecture is Tokyo with a budget of 8,622 million JPY, which is much more than 3,063 million yen in 2014. The second is Okinawa with 2,398 million JPY.

Only twelve prefectures ensure tourism budgets of 1,000 million JPY or more. Among the prefectures preferred by foreign travelers, Kyoto has a budget of 498 million JPY (+8%), and Osaka 262 million JPY (+3%). Fukuoka, increasing port calls of cruise ships, has budgeted 228 million JPY (-17%). Kanagawa is the prefecture with the least tourism budget of 128 million JPY.

The following tables show the tourism budget ranking (above) and the growth rate ranking (below):

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