Touch & go boarding ‘Shinkansen e-ticket service’ is launched in Eastern Japan

Three railway companies of JE East, JR Hokkaido and JE West will jointly launch ‘Shinkansen e-ticket service’ on March 14 2020. The new service will allow a user to board Shinkansehn on Tohoku, Hokkaido, Joetusu, Hokuriku, Yamagata and Akita Lines only by touching a qualified IC card on an automatic ticket gate. 

For the service, a user needs to create a member account and register a qualified IC card on ‘Eki Net’ or ‘e5489,’ Shinkansen booking websites, on which seat booking can be available on February 14 2020. Ten kinds of IC cards, including Suica and PASMO, are qualified for the service. 

JR East, JR Hokkaido and JR West established a new cloud-based center server platform to manage and certify booking information for the common service. 

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