Tourist destinations in Japan offer online contents for the future real travel during a week-long Golden Week holiday period

Amid the third emergency declaration beginning from late April, many tourist destinations have offered online travel contents you can feel like going out at home during a week-long Golden Week holiday period.

Hoshino Resorts Tomamu in Hokkaido has opened a movie about ‘Unkai (cloud sea in English) Terrace Renewal,’ which you can discover dynamic and mysterious Unkai nature and history of the Terrace. 

Hoshino Resorts Tomamu

Kobe Animal Kingdom in Hyogo delivered movies about animals’ unique behaviors on its special channel during the Golden Week period. 

DMO KYOTO has collected new ideas for sustainable tourism plans from the public on its official Kyoto Navi in Japanese. 

Shibuya City Tourism Association in Tokyo hosted an online conference with Kokumin Kyosai Co-op and Future Design Shibuyato to give audiences a chance to think seriously about disaster prevention and what tourism should be when disaster occurs. 

Foreign tourism boards focusing on the Japanese market during GW

Some foreign tourism boards also offered online promotions for Japanese audiences during the Golden Week period. The tourism authority of Italy (ENIT) has opened a special site to enjoy spring contents in Italy.

Tourism Australia (TA) has begun a campaign for future Japanese travelers on its official SNS to collect ideas of what they want to do when they can visit Australia.

Philippine Department of Tourism has delivered a movie to introduce Philippines’ cuisines, featuring a popular Japanese actor, which is linked to a SNS campaign

Introducing Philippines’ cuisines

Odaiba Venus Fort in Tokyo switches annual Hawaiian Event from a real event to an online event by May 30 this year, on which Hawaiian goods are sold as well. 

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