Year-on-year comparison of Japanese travelers to Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong in June 2016

Based on official statistics data in June 2016, Japanese travelers increased by 78% to 180,000 for Korea, by10.2% to 130,000 for Taiwan, but reduced by 6.5% to 74,000 for Hong Kong on a year-on-year basis. For China, Japanese travelers were up 10.3% to 183,000 in February 2016, though monthly data after March 2016 are not released yet.

Japanese travelers for Korea had slightly increased or decreased by month after the first monthly growth in February 2016 since August 2012, but in June 2016 a large growth was found. Those for Taiwan have continued double-digit growths since September 2015. Those for Hong Kong resulted in growths of 10% or more in January and February 2016, but after March slight reductions were found.

The table below shows monthly changes of Japanese travelers to the three destinations in the past year:

outbound_a_201606-1In Japanese

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