YouTube is the most popular online video site for Japanese viewers

The latest trend survey on online video site in Japan, conducted by the digital market researcher comScore, shows that the most poplar online video site provider was Google operating YouTube with 43 million viewers, followed by Yahoo! including GYAO! With 33.2 million viewers and Twitter with 13.3 million viewers.

The followings are top 10 online video site providers (a reach ratio of web population in parentheses):

1. Google 43 million viewers (67.5%)

2. Yahoo! 33.2 million viewers (52.2%)

3. Twitter 13.3 million viewers (20.9%)

4. Teads 13 million viewers (20.3%)

5. FC2 12.1 million viewers (19.1%)

6. Kadokawa Dwango 10.9 million viewers (17.1%)

7. Facebook 9.4 million viewers (14.8%)

8. DMM 8.8 million viewers (13.9%)

9. Skillup Video Technologies 7.2 million viewers (11.3%)

10. Broadband TV 5.5 million viewers (8.6%)

Twitter was ranked 2nd among young generation from six to 17 years old, and Kadokawa Dwango providing niconico 4th among 34 years older or younger. Teads delivering video advertisements was ranked 3rd among 35 years older or older.

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