82% of Japanese travelers answer ‘Sustainable travel is very important,” while they have troubles in finding sustainable accommodations

Booking.com’s survey on sustainable travel to 29,000 travelers and partner facilities in 30 countries finds that 82% of Japanese respondents answered ‘Sustainability is very important in traveling.' The ratio of  ‘COVID-19 is a chance to look for sustainable travel’ reached 42%. 

Asked about what sort of sustainable actions you want to join in a destination, 71% of Japanese respondents said ‘reducing trash’ and ‘reducing energy consumption,’ followed by ‘using environment-friendly transportations (such as walking, bicycle or public transportation) with 65%. 

The survey results also show that there are more Japanese travelers who pay attention to relationship with a local community, as 47% answered that they are looking for unique and authentic experiences in a destination. 72% said ‘We hope that economic benefits from the travel industry should be distributed to every field equally.” 


There are differences between Japan and global in several questions. 33% of global travelers answered that they have joined local activities supporting a local community, while the ratio of Japanese travelers was just 14%. The ratio of Japanese travelers who want to stay in sustainable accommodations was 36%, much lower than 81% globally. 

Japanese travelers who have NOT stayed in sustainable accommodations in the last 12 months are 61%, out of which 54% said that they did not know such sustainable accommodations, and 28% said that they did not know how to search it.

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