A group of four different concept resort hotels opens in Mie Prefecture, invested by HIS and others

VISON Hotel Management, invested by HIS Holdings, Sumitomo Forestry and Aquaignis, opened ‘Hatago VISON’ in Mie Prefecture, which is the second hotel in the property of ‘VISION’ resort opened in July this year. Hatago in Japanese means an accommodation facility along main streets in Edo Era.

Four forty-room ‘Hatago VISON’ are located in the resort, and each of them has a different concept, featuring a 70 squarer meters concept room.

Hatago 1 creates a space like a friend home as D&Department Project. Harago 2 offers a relaxing room harmonizing nature seeing from windows. Hatago 3 features Nordic-designed furniture to create a comfortable space. Hatago 4 is inspired by Spanish modernism with interior design by Landscape Products. 

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