A Japanese e-ticket management system provider partners Sapporo City to promote business jet tours at Okadama Airport

Japanticket, an e-ticket management system provider, and Sapporo City signed a partnership agreement on promotion of business jet operation at Okadama Airport, which is located about 6km away from the center of Sapporo City. 

According to the agreement, they will plan high-end business jet tours combining local gastronomy and tourism attractions for international luxury travelers. They expect to develop a 8 million JPY or higher-valued tour. 

They will also work together to attract customers not only to Sapporo City but also to other areas in Hokkaido, and the collaboration includes improvement of airport facilities for business jet operation, seamless ground transportation and creation of new tourism contents. 

Japanticket has performed several trial gastronomy tours using made-in-Japan HondaJet.

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