‘Adventure Travel World Summit 2023’ will be held in Hokkaido, expecting to be a chance to boost travel after COVID-19

Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) officially announced at a closing ceremony for Virtual Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS) 2021 in Hokkaido that the next real ATWS 2023 will be held in Hokkaido. Hokkaido put itself up for the next ATWS again. 

Defined as a travel style comprising two or more of ‘nature,’ ‘cultural experience’ and ‘activity’ elements, Adventure Tourism is expected to become one of the keys for tourism revitalization after COVID-19 because it possibly generates more local spending as a longer-stay travel. 

ATWS consists of business meetings, seminars and networking. It will be a great opportunity for Japan or Hokkaido to appeal adventure tourism resources.

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