Airbnb international guests for Japan already reached 3 million, 2.3 times more than a year earlier

Airbnb announced that its international guests for Japan reached 3 million so far in 2016, already 130% more than the final result of 1.3 million last year. Spending per day by an Airbnb guest in Japan amounted to $292 in average ($264 in Osaka, $321 in Tokyo), out of which the ratio of eating and drinking accounted for 34%, and shopping for 40%. As about 30% of expenses except accommodation fee was spent in listing areas, Airbnb said that Airbnb guests contributed to local economy.

By region, guests from Asia accounted for 69% of the total, which was the top followed by Europe (12%), U.S. (12%), Australia and New Zealand (+6%). Top three countries were Korea, China and U.S.

By generation, millenniums dominated the market with the ratio of 23% for 18 to 24 years old and 46% for 25 to 34 years old.

Japan is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, and about 10% of all Airbnb guests visited Japan, according to Airbnb.

Top 10 countries or regions with Airbnb guests for Japan:

1. Korea

2. China (except Hong Kong)

3. U.S.

4. Hong Kong

5. Taiwan

6. Australia

7. Singapore

8. Thailand

9. Malaysia

10. France

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