ANA unveils the TaaS platform concept for seamless travel, expanding travel opportunities without air

ANA X, an ANA Group company, unveiled the TaaS (Travel as a Service) Platform concept for seamless travel on an smartphone app. As the first phase, the domestic hotel booking service was considerably renewed on March 26 2024 to increase hotel lineups and enrich booking functions. 

ANA X aims to complete the platform by  the end of FY2026 after installing domestic rent-a-car booking in the summer 2024, domestic activity booking, golf booking in Japan, overseas hotel booking and overseas rent-a-car booking after FY2024. 

Masahiro Morita, VP Travel Business Department at ANA X, explained, “As individual bookings of travel have been increasing, we are creating the platform completing travel bookings seamlessly with a smartphone only by getting rid of anxieties or difficulties.” ANA intends to expand an ANA economy zone by providing more opportunities to live or travel with accumulated miles. 

ANA provides a hotel booking service as the brand name of ANA Travelers for dynamic package, but offered hotels are located in ANA flight destinations and business-use hotels mainly. The ratio of cross-sell of air tickets and hotels is just 2% currently, according to Morita.

To solve the challenges, ANA X connects OTAs, such as Agoda and through API on the TaaS Platform, which allows ANA to increase hotel inventory from abouy 3,000 hotels to about 12,000 hotels, even including ryokans, vacation rentals or villas in destinations ANA doesn’t fly. 


Triple cross-sell of air tickets and hotels

The TaaS Platform has four touch points of ANA website, ANA App. ANA Milage Club App and ANA Pocket for consumers, and each of them installs a mini app for hotel booking. 

“Our strength is that we have ID information of ANA flight users. Right after a user buys an ANA ticket, we can recommend travel contents based on the data,” Morita emphasized. On the platform, discount coupons in a destination will be issued for a user  in the near future. 

“The initial goal is to triple the ratio of the cross-sell of air tickets and hotels,” Morita said. “We want to increase dealing with travel without air to around half of air travel, as we are exploring new demands using miles, such as weekend travel or short travel to onsen.” 

In addition, ANA X is enriching experience contents in Japan and is extending the platform through linkage with ANA navigation app ‘Tabi CUBE’ o EC marketplace ‘ANA Mall’ in the future. 

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