Decade comparison by 2015 of travelers to Japan from Australia, U.S. and Great Britain

The latest Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)’s statistics shows that Japan welcomed 376,200 travelers from Australia (+24.3%), 1,033,200 from U.S. (+15.9%) and 258,500 from Great Britain (+17.5%) in a calendar year of 2015. Travelers from U.S. exceeded 1 million for the first time.

The table below shows yearly changes of travelers from Australia, U.S. and Great Britain in the last decade:


In December 2015, visitors from all of the three markets increased year on year and broke the previous records in December: 49,400 from Australia (+31.4%), 89,900 from U.S. (+22.2%) and 19,400 from Great Britain (+14.7%). The monthly numbers from Australia resulted in record-high on a single month basis.

The table below shows monthly changes of travelers from Australia, U.S. and Great Britain in 2015:


The Australian market was vitalized by the EPA agreement between Japan and Australia effective in January 2015, higher business travel demand and demand boosting campaigns for the off-season period.

Demand in U.S. was boosted by an increase in consumer expenditures under the stable economic condition, weak yen, reduction of fuel surcharges and more exposures of famous tourist destinations in Japan on the U.S. media.

In the Great Britain market, promotional campaigns, the World Scout Jamboree event in Japan and online advertising campaigns jointly by OTAs and airlines particularly encouraged travelers to visit Japan.

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