Forty percent of Japanese overseas travel lovers plan to go overseas in this summer

The awareness survey on potential overseas travelers in Japan, conducted by Diamond, a publisher of travel guidebook ‘Chikyu no Arukikata,’ shows that about 80% of respondents continuously collected information on overseas travel even after the state of emergency declaration was issued in April, and about 40% plan overseas travels in this coming summer vacation period.

The survey was conducted on the website in the term between April 24 and May 8 2020. Valid answers were 1,397 (590 males, 792 females and 14 no answers).

Regarding intention to travel overseas in this coming summer vacation period (July to October), the ratio of ‘no plan’ was 60.9%, while the ratio of ‘planning’ was 39.1%. 

After COVID-19 terminates, the ratio of respondents who want to travel overseas first was 55.8%, higher than domestic travel first. 

Where do you want to go first after reopening of travel ?

With regard to timing to travel overseas, the most answers were seen in ‘when travel restriction in a destination is lifted’ with 23.3%, followed by ‘when the Japanese government says OK for overseas travel or when promotional activities begin (18.2%),’ ’when WHO declares the end of the pandemic (18.1%)’ and ‘when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ travel warning level is lowered to a level to permit travel (15.7%).’ The top four accounted for 80% of the total. 

Timing to travel overseas

Eighty percent continuously collected information on overseas travel from travel information websites as the top source, followed by paper travel guidebooks, TV programs and Instagram. 

What the future overseas travelers request to tourism authorities was updated information including travel restriction or quarantine rules as the top (58.7%). Another concerns, for examples, included visa waiver will continue or not’ or ‘There is discrimination against Asian travelers in a destination or not.’ 

What kind of infornation do you need?

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