Guest nights in Japan radically declined by 85% in May 2020 with the occupancy rate of 13% only

Japan Tourism Agency announced that the total number of guest nights was down 84.8% year on year to 78.1 million in May 2020 (preliminary report), continuously  damaged by COVID-19.  The monthly total was divided into 7.67 million Japanese guest nights (-81.6%) and 140,000 international guest nights (-98.6%).

The average occupancy rate drastically declined by 50.4 points to 12.8% in May 2020, much lower than 16.3% in April 2020: 5.3% for ryokan (-36.2 points), 3.6% for resort hotel (-56 points), 19.9% for budget hotel (-55.9 points) and 8.9% for city hotel (-71 points), as the graph below shows.



The total number of guest nights in April 2020 (secondly report) was down 80.9% year on year to 9.71 million, which consisted of 9.5 million Japanese guest nights (-75.9%) and 200,000 million international guest nights (-98.2%).

By prefecture, the biggest reduction was found in Kyoto with -92.4% to 234,420 guest nights, followed by Okinawa with -88.4% to 322,820, Yamanashi with -87.9% to 102,280, Osaka with -86.9% to 542,560 and Tokyo with 85.4% to 1,030,880. 

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