HIS sells Huis Ten Bosh theme-park to aHong Kong-based investment firm at 66.6 billion JPY

HIS, a leading Japanese travel company, officially announced to sell its 100% subsidiary Huis Ten Bosh theme-park in Nagasaki to Hong Kong-based investment firm PAG HTB Holdings at 66.6 billion JPY through transfer of all HIS’s holding 20 million stocks. 

Other major stockholders of Kyushu Electric Power, Seibu Gas Holdings, Kyudenko, JR Kyushu and Nishi-Nippon Railway also announced that they will sell their own stocks of the theme park to the investment firm.

After HIS joined the restructuring plan of debt-ridden Huis Ten Bosh in April 2010, the theme-park had succeeded in making a profit for 10 fiscal years in a row. The pandemic, however, forced it to post about 4 billion JPY in deficit in FY2020 and about 1.1 billion JPY in deficit in FY2021. 

PAG said, “Huis Ten Bosh has a great potentiality to grow in the future. Taking advantages of our accumulated knowledge, we are trying to improve experience values for visitors.”

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