Home sharing registrations in Japan have reduced due to unprofitability amid COVID-19

Japan Tourism Agency (JTA) announced that the number of home sharing hosts giving up their businesses reached 7,807 as of November 10 2020, while the total of registrations in Private Accommodation Law has increased by 12.5 times to 27,708 since the law was enforced on June 15 2018. 

The JTA’s survey to 289 hosts giving up their business finds that the most answers were ‘Not expecting to make a profit’ with a share of 49.1% (142 hosts), which was much higher than 7.2% a year ago. Out of 142 hosts, 134 hosts said that they do not expect to make a profit due to COVID-19. 

Other reasons were ‘Diverting to a different type of accommodation (18%)’ and ‘For other purposes to use (8.3%).’ 


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