International visitors’ nights in Japan were up 23.5% in March 2019, especially boosted by visitors from India and Vietnam

Japan Tourism Agency announced that the total number of guest nights in Japan were up 9.8% year on year to 46.87 million in March 2019 (the secondary report) and up 19.8% to 48.04 million in April 2019 (the first report). 

In March 2019, the total consisted of 38.5 million Japanese guest nights (+7.2%) and 8.38 international visitors’ guest nights (+23.5%), which were record-high for March. 


The room occupancy rate was up 2.1 points to 62.8% as a whole in March 2019, and the highest rate was seen in city hotel with 81.2%. By prefecture, the highest rate was found in Tokyo with 82.6%, followed by Osaka with 81.7%.

In the international visitor market, guest nights of visitors from China, Taiwan, South Korea, U.S. and Hong Kong accounted for 65.8% of the total. Guest nights of Chinese visitors were up 35.3% to 1.86 million with a share of 24.8%. The largest growth rate was found in Vietnam with 57.1% up, followed by India with 48.4% up. 


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