jalan.net is the travel website with the most visitors in 2018 in Japan

The website visitor survey for 2018, jointly conducted by Japan Travel And Tourism Association and VALUES, an Internet analysis service provider, finds that the travel-related website with the most visitors was jalan.net, followed by Rakuten Travel and TripAdvisor. The top three website were unchanged for both PC and mobile phone.

The large year-on-year growths were found in LINE Travel.jp (+63.3% for PC, +41.1% for mobile phone) and icotto, a travel media for females, (+54.7% for PC, +27.5% for mobile phone). It is noteworthy that visitors on PC relatively reduced, as the survey shows that visitors to the JTB website on PC were down 11.4%.


The survey says that the websites with clear targeting and enrichment of contents succeeded in increasing visitors. 

The travel-related website with the most visitors from searches about travel was TripAdvisor, which increased them by 30% and left 2nd jalan.net far behind. The survey analyzes that TripAdvisor is preferred in its enriched contents covering the world. In the survey category, LINE Travel.jp saw a large growth of 530.1%, raising its ranking to 4th.


For official prefectural tourism information websites, GO TOKYO had the most visitors for two years in a row, followed by Official Travel Guide Yamanashi and Visit Nagasaki. Visit Nagasaki largely increased visitors by 43.9%, boosted by registration of the historically valued churches in UNESCO World Heritage and also a loaded direct booking system for lodging.


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